Other Poems by:

Lois Thruman


Little bird, little bird
Wanting to be free of her cage
She was born to fly and perch high in trees
I tend her and I treasure her
Everything she needs is in her cage
She does not like the bars on her cage, 
She just wants to be free
Freedom; she craves it,
And she longs for it, she cannot fly inside
With birds eye sorrow
She finds a way to pick the lock
She flies around the room, lightening speed
Settling on the window-sill
She gazes out the window at the birds
Set free.

Time Never Waits

The sun, it rises
along the narrow garden path
I think of time
and all the love my life has denied
Time it waits for no one
the wind it complains
beauty fades like tub-soaked sheets
I watch it pass and yearn
A few more moons
on the slant of june
Before dried leaves rustle
on a winter wind
poetry performs its concert for the mind
changing bitter into sweet
Small birds pair
leaning on the sun
before the candle flickers and goes out
become one with the one

Lovers And Moonlight

Come to me my lover
love says, you cannot deny me
Take off your clothes,
stay a while
Hold on to me,
on and on and on
All through the night
Soon we shall grow old
Nothing can be done
Tonight it's life as it's being lived
On the moon's reflection

The Far Side

The far side of familiar
Fades into night
Middle-age turns to old
Seeking me out in the crowd
Lessons learned are drawn
On the background of time
Hard to forget yet its not
My pace has slowed
the hair is rinsed in silver
I shuffle on the cobblestones
It cannot be denied,
I no longer sigh for the impossible
A lily as a gift it's enough for me
My path seems to have veered
I forgave myself a few years back
Believing in nothing but what I can see
For a time at least,
I'll dance on my tiptoes
seeing it through,
till the clock runs down

Reality Bites

On a hot summer nights
I enter the coolness of my room
Dropping my clothes in a heap
I start to write
My mind is jumbled in a fog of words
I sit here for hours as prairies in the sun evolve
I see a grand piano under a saddened moon
I feel a lover's kiss soft touch
In the quite content of my room
I lean way out toward strangeness
Tonight I sit back in my chair
To watch a spider's life suspended on a thread
The spider has found himself to be the prey
As I slam down my shoe
I start to write with an evil laugh
My dearest smudge
The one that bit me last night

Song Of Summer

A wished for song
Flutes for dancing in morning mist
When summer has arrived,
birds gaily sing in the branches
As the sun is sliding from the shadows,
lovers lift their heads from under the covers,
Basking in the sun's reflection
I  listen to the sounds,
falling into place where everything is music
And I have something to say,
how do I keep from drowning,
in the music of summer
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