Other Poems by:

Lisa Day Pynes


Your love at first, was my soul's sweet "treasure",
     for I had never felt a touch of such
                    sensational pleasures! 

You were my best friend, my lover, my pride,
                    but once again...
You drifted out with the evershifting tide.
Like a broken ship on an unknown ride,
With no path of its own, no course to keep,
                    Cast upon the lonely sea, 

But I do see my love, this is the way it's to be...
For I can't fix everything, and there is only one of me. 

As you gaze upon the midnight stars, please know
you are in my thoughts & prayers, wherever I may go...
                    Wherever you are... 

When you're lying in the bed in the restless dark,
Tossing and turning and wishing your heart
                    to forget... 

Close your eyes tight, for our souls have met,
So goodbye my "lost" love, my "soul" mate,
Remember all the times that were truly great! 

As I leave you with a "Good" Goodbye...
I must do it this way, do you understand why... 

Wishing you lots of laughter, love and sunshine!
But I had to accept that you could never be mine... 

copyright 2006 Lisa Day Pynes 
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