Other Poems by:

Laurie Benedict

Darkness Dispelled

When will I remember, I ask myself each day,
I know that I have been there, just can't find the way.
Will I end my journey beside the blue green river,
Daring to pray that my soul will not quiver.
Or will I remain on this endless ride,
Eternally questioning those who walk along side.
The questions make me bristle, become misshapen pleas,
They bore into my consciousness, like so many seeds.
I long to be nowhere but underneath a tree!
Knowledge threatens to consume Trust,
Must remember in the end all books turn to dust.
But all along the road, the signs read caution,
You are to use only your truth for action.
On and on I walk wary of the web,
Not knowing where to make my bed.
Intuitive reason rests within,
This journey was not meant for just my head.
The heart must embrace ALL who I meet,
That is the supreme feat!
The voice inside says the pie is good
and not to mind the tartness,
After all it is the way to dispel the darkness.

Truth Remembered

Eyes weep when souls are lost,
Losing self at such a cost!
Eyes shine, purpose remembered,
Knowledge of truth forever treasured.
Eyes see when soul is First,
Hearts sing when there's no thirst.
Eyes know when touched by GOD,
The path at last has been trod!

Veils Lift

Mists loom behind many moons,
Obscuring Man's vision of true beauty.
Veils lift, yielding ancient tunes,
Aiding Man's recall of breach of duty.
Arms reach with open limbs,
Bringing back Man into its embrace.
A peaceful song formed within him,
Rest once again in tranquil space.
Eyes light and mouths quick,
A cleansing action to feel so contrite.
Now inspired to deflect the Devil's walking stick,
Smiles bright for my delight.

Deep Within

Deep within my self
I am a mirror of all that has been,
and all that will be.

Deep within my heart
I am a traveler through cosmos and time,
a vessel of harvested wisdom.

Deep within my spirit
I am a fusion of innumerable lifetimes,
a soul plump with guidance refined and truth born out.

Deep within my being
I am a contraction of all that I have gleaned,
ever hopeful of another chance for expansion.

Deep within my essence
I am One with the Source of All,
that naught can dismiss.

Deep within my soul
I am proof that all these truths will endure,
time without end.

Perfect Harmony

The exquisite dance of life
goes on with or without our help.
Experiencing life in all its changing
fruitions is the symphony of the soul.
Whether a requiem for lost chances,
or a celebration of all that can be.
We dance in and out of awarness,
ignorant of the illusion.
The feeling of separation tugs at
our sense of well being,
yet there is no separation save
that which dwells within the mind.
Everything that is unfolding
is part of a deliberate plan.
It is in perfect harmony of a grand design,
that we cannot fathom at present time.
Let us enjoy the dance of life,
and have faith in the perfection
of All That Is.
We are surely guided by a knowingness
far wiser than ourselves.
And that is enough
to keep this special dance
in balanced motion.


Songbird lead me to the place
deep inside the light,
there is someone who has been waiting,
waiting just for me.
Sing me the song,
help me remember the way.
Back to a feeling of freedom
and a freedom of feeling.
Songbird sing the song,
awaken the free spirit
that I was meant to be.
Your melody playfully tickles my ears
as it gently caresses my heart.
Songbird I hear your song.
A knowing quietly resides within.

The Gift

Christmas is the time of year
When friends and family gather
The bounty of food amazes each
And a warmhearted mood spreads through spirits
All around there is a feeling of something special stirring

The eyes of the children sparkle in anticipation
Imagining what pleasures lay beneath the tree
Hardly able to contain their glee
Fidgeting and laughter mark their hours

But we must remember to gift wrap plenty of Faith
For she is truly a present to be treasured
And add a touch of tinsel to Joy
To compliment nature's magnificent sparkle

Above all else, with family and friends
We are brought together to share in the wonder
The wonder that we are loved as none other
And that that Love is the supreme gift from GOD

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