Other Poems by:

Joel Assaizky

Bored Poet

i think you're bored with us
you're too clever for us
why do you play pool with us?
i guess you need us
to use as fodder
for your next poem


are the glue
of friendship
not the secrets friends share,
but the untold ones.
theres this myth that
true friends should tell each other everything
well i'll tell you a secret,
that's a damn lie.

Kaffir Boetie

my father traded my mother,
after he'd crashed her a few times
for the proverbial newer model
at 14 i ran away
lost in the streets of johannesburg
mind blown on acid
hanging with rich peoples gardners
who took me in
to the backyard shebeens
fed me pap
sure, i was a kaffir-boetie
we'd commiserate or go berserk
somedays i'd ride with 
the rubbish-boys on their rounds
I spent my youth in gauteng servants quarters
playing reggae on broken guitars
chased by the dutchmen
sure, i was a kaffir-boetie
a kaffir boetie
sure, i was a kaffir-boetie
a kaffir boetie was I

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