Other Poems by:

James Scarboro

Sometimes I

Sometimes I'm too sick to think
Feeling blue my heart filled with drink
I take another toke and choke
Inhale all the smoke then blow
And I just fall away
My head spinning
Can't remember yesterday
This is the end of the beginning

Sometimes I'm too sad to speak
My soul can't take the worlds changes
Feel like I'm on the brink
Senses in full derangement
Then I scream
But no one hears
Broken dreams
Fall away with the years

Sometimes I forget what love is
Forget the love I almost missed
Look to your soul to fill my holes
When all is told it's you I hold
Pressed to my chest
On your warmth I'm feeding
Pressed to your breasts
My heart strongly beating

This time I am just dreaming
Thinking, praying you'll come back
I'm on the edge and leaning
Fall, hit the ground that's that
And I'm no more
No more stories told
A tale from long before
My body growing cold

Sometimes I sleep to dream
Banished from this world eternally
At my wake some friends I see
Console my loving family
Listen more intently
Find fake homies seething
Telling lies about me
Even in death they make me bleed

Sometimes I dream awake
Body snapping to with a quake
So happy that I still can be
Smoke a tree and pour out hennessy
For the death of the past
And a bright new future
Pleasantness comes at last
Thinking of dreams I'll nurture

Damon Rails

Facing the day
the same way
as yesterday
Mind blasted
just outlasted
by the soul
and search for ecstasy
One last time
still alright
for us tonight
Cans are stacked
bowls are packed
just killed a sack
Dankest green
smoke screen
mind at ease
until it's late
Blurry walls
and last calls
All are cashed
such a bash
Yeah Yeah
all the days
still the same
Where to go
What to see
When to ride
Where I'll be
yes indeed
I've lost my mind
Time to judge
and fight
& face the masses
Just a bastard
just a mutt human
What a bash indeed!

Here We Stand

Well so here we stand
Around the corner from infinity.
Staring at all the walls
To get to the other side.

Still we have the land
Bestowed upon us from our maker.
Staring at her shambles
>From each beings building pride.

Lifeless, silky sand
Covers our most desolate places.
If we don't make changes
Will it be where we reside?

Time to take a hand
Turn things around & grow together.
Time for leaders to rise up
And fight for the ones who hide.

I know that we can band
To heal our souls & our mother.
Fix things for the better
To continue this great ride.


Friend, my friend
Come to me
And bring me something sweet
The many ones I meet
Too many now
I may find none tomorrow.

My memories are layered
My heart is beating strong
Search for something wrong
I turn around
To find I'll look no further.

Friend, my friend
Sit with me
And fire up some grass
Pleasantness at last
Still some left
So we can burn tomorrow.

The hearty laughs are coming
The many times we shared
This is isn't something rare
If you should leave
I wonder if I'll follow.

Friend, my friend
Stay with me
And watch the world go by
Through highs and lows we ride
Go so fast
no time to stop and wallow.

Through all of this craziness
We have to hold on tight
Through many wrongs and rights
If this we do
We will beat every sorrow

Friend, my friend
Dream with me
About a place of love
Sent down from above
If we search hard
We'll find this place tomorrow.


What is there to do
When the misery of life
Has taken my youth?
What is there to say
When the brightness of morning
Becomes my darkest day?
How am I to feel
When everything I have
Is that which I steal?
How am I to think
When my miraculous brain
Is saturated with drink?

What shall I become
When pains & strains of life
Turn my world numb?
Where am I to go
When my dearest friend
Becomes my darkest foe?
Who will show me light
When the guidance of day
Turns to blackest night?
Who here will know
When the end is coming
And when it's time to go?

Who then will reveal
All the unknown secrets
Of what is dream or real?
Who is going to believe
When malice and destruction
Is all that we receive?
Who is going to be kept
When final day of judgement
Is all that we have left?
And who will read this poem
When the clouds and sky
is the only place we roam?

Slain in the Rain

Rain, Rain
Wash away my pain
Pain, Pain
From where I am slain
Slain, Slain
In darkest distain
Distain, Distain
From an evil brain
Brain, Brain
Of man that's insane
Insane, Insane
Held down by a chain
Chain, Chain
That could not contain
So brought me some pain
And now I lay slain
Alone in the rain.
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