Other Poems by:

Jade Wayne


There's a man who lives in a place we've all been, 
A place where dreams are made of. 
He never goes to bed, 
Instead he just sings all the songs of all good times. 
His sky is as blue as the paintings that perfectly depict our fantasies; 
The trees are the richest shade of jade. 
If i don't leave now I might stay, 
So if you come, you better know, that you might never wake up. 
The man who sings knows our best memories; 
Leave to live what is coming. 
Jaded trees like to live alone, 
Don't linger here too long. 
There is a man who picked the reddest flower, 
As red as our lover's lips when we kiss. 
We've seen him all before, 
This man never rests. 
He does all we wish we could. 
If I ever visited, I'd never know what I wanted. 
In him I see what existed. 
There's a man who lives in the sea of my dreams, 
If we ever talked, I'd never be. 


Why did you leave me? 
Why did you leave me? 
Why didn't you see me? 
Why did you need me? 
So many months ago. 
Why did you touch me? 
Every inch of my soul. 
Why did you leave me? 
Why did you leave me? 
Why aren't you scared? 
Out there on your own. 
Why did you leave me? 
Baby, please come home. 


It's only just sex if it's a stranger. 
Sorry honey, but you're quite familiar. 
You keep coming--a repeat offender, 
each time you dig a little deeper. 
It's only just sex if it's a traveler. 
Sorry babe, you couldn't be farther 
from the truth, because your nearer 
to home, keep pushing harder. 
It's only just sex if it's paid for. 
Sorry dear, but I'm quite poor, 
and you're here when you haven't made more 
to get what you got before. 
Just another happy customer?


Are you there? 
Where are you? 
I can't see you, 
Step into the light 

It's not fair 
I can't see 
See what you mean 
Your light is my plight 

You're as bright as the sun 
And I can't take the heat 
Babe, you've got me beat 
Emotionally, physically, I am weak 

I am entirely confused 
though I know what's done 
My absurdity transcends the glow of your sun 
That glow and that glare burns my eyes 
Are you there? 

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