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Gordon Purkis



You don't want to 
hear the truth -
it's not pc -
but I'll tell you 
I don't really believe 
in happiness. Sorry.
I look down on some
nameless collection
of lights from 38,000
feet wondering if they:
the unseen faces of 
somewhere, believe.
Believe in happiness
that is. And love. I
doubt we'll ever make
it, I mean all of us, not
just we here. It seems that
hope is such a lousy
wager these days and
a mystery not worth
solving. Doubt is a 
big kid who sits on
you and won't let you
get up. 
Our love can never be
enough to conquer the
enemies of fear
that are hiding in 
the bushes of the future.
Faith is fine - I have a 
little bit, which believe
me is better than having
none at all. You wouldn't 
think so but it is. 
Your kiss proves
my faith exists.
May it never be 

Be strong

In my dream I really loved 
you, I helped you pick up
your loose pieces and get
a move on. Kissing you was
really real - I couldn't quite
place you but I knew who
you were - I helped you
escape your parents and 
talked to you about your
drinking, your endearing
doubt, only asking questions
and giving no answers. All
you had left was love and
your bags - the record albums
left behind - never enough 
arms it seems, but that's why
you had me. You were my
friend and I adored you, down
to your last dark hair. I only
hope that wherever you went,
I'll see you again soon. Until
then, be strong. 

Why I had to say goodbye

I keep having this dream
where you're in bed
you don't feel well
you call me and I come
to your side you sit up on
the edge of the bed and 
I try to comfort you but 
I can't calm you down 
you're hysterical
you say you're going to
die and I tell you to calm
down you're not going to
die you're never going to
die and that I love you I
love you and I still do
but you never let me
you just never let me
and that's why I had 
to say goodbye.

C)opyright 2007 Gordon Purkis - All Rights Reserved

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