Other Poems by:

George Onyango

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Yes we are surrounded
No where to run no place to hide
Cause we are all surrounded 
East, West, North & south we are encircled 

We are at the centre
Surrounded with Love and hate
Just turn round, round and make a choice
Choose love or hate because you are the chooser 

Yes we are in the middle 
In the middle of happiness and sorrow
Just make choice to be happy or sad
Cause we are surrounded and no surrender. 

Yes we have a choice and choices
Between poverty and wealth, surrounded fate and faith 
Take wealth or choose health
Just turn to the right direction

The blanket is torn

God gave us the blanket
To filter excess heat
To protect our crops and animal
But we have destroyed the blanket  

Now the blanket is worn out and can't filtrate
Waters are running and fish dying from loneliness
Crops and animal dying from the heat
Yes we have destroyed the protector. 

They didn't care for the God given blanket 
And the atmosphere is too hot for monkeys to play
The air is too hostile for pollens to visit each other
Our blanket friend is ailing and we are living in fear  

With their toxic fumes they choked our protector 
The earth is bare and floods are destroying us
The soil is barren and hunger is killing us
The resources are scarce and we are destroying each


Dollars Dollars children are crying 
You give them toys they cry
They want dollars 

In the chilly nights grannies are groaning
You give them blankets they groan
The want dollars and more dollars 

In the parks women are lonely
You offer them company they reject 
All they need are dollars and dollars 

Dollars dollars men are sweating
You give them handkerchief they refuse
They only need dollars. 

Dollars dollars every where dollars
Indians,White and blacks  dollars 
Who are? what are you? dollars 

Europe, Africa and Asia dollars
You are driving the world crazy dollar
You are ruling our hearts and sole dollar
**Copyright 2007 George Onyango, all rights reserved
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