Other Poems by:

Ernest Williamson III

The Embrace of Somebody's Struggle

I've traversed many waters in the snow
in the aplomb of self reckoning 
minced in slabs of salted ice 
telling me to go home 
three hundred miles times 2 cubits 
of difficult transport 
but I will graze 
I will continue to erupt the molested grounds 
until the earth sinks deeply beneath the bowels of
for I am a blanket of aid to the snow 
though the snow continues to subjugate 
the blacks and browns 
of therapeutic sounds
jazz making love to classical codas
and lives hovering as lighted candles 
in sodden gray flames
ashes to ashes 
and love to another try
another chance

A Confounding Patriotism

I love the way she forgave my sins
alluding to comparable separations 
in tunes by Coltrane and George Benson
she's so often in the midst of rare moments of peace
her name is legions of vaulted African equations
beautiful proofs with contrived improvisations hissing
in the weltering sweat stained in Western tents
I still love this place 
it's a firm chair aware of its feeble legs
brave yet weighted with apathetic isms
like my woman 
aforementioned nicely in line five 
sexy true yet ignored
and not just mathematically

The Selling of the Souls

irrespective of minced happiness
a smile splintered partially in tune 
with the nice weather 
unclothed sunlight cloudless skies 
and yet partially colluded with problems  
sandy ligaments 
in feet and hands 
lying to the bruises of incoming apathy 
like a car accident 
with blood stretched on the concrete 
or a racial slur leaping from ignorant young lips 
as a Christian elderly Black man drives cautiously
down the street in search for carnations for his wife
of 65 years 
but what can the writer sell his observations 
what can the greed of the eye effuse to others 
when the writer's own inner galaxy trembles 
in drifting orbit 

maybe I can stare at the word STRONG 
carved in this oak tree on 52nd street 
south of too many confederate flags 
rendering swastikas in gray shadows
or maybe I can write with two hands 
and paint one sign outside of my weary house 
not for sell
not for sell


Ernest Williamson III is a self-taught painter and
pianist, who has published poetry and visual art in
over seventy online and print journals. He holds the
B.A. and the M.A. in English/Creative Writing from the
University of Memphis. Currently, Ernest is a doctoral
student at Seton Hall University in the field of
Higher Education and he is a member of The
International High IQ Society based in New York City.
Ernest is 29 years old and he appreciates your
criticisms of his work. View his website:

         (This website displays my artwork)
Copywrite 2006 Ernest Williamson III
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