Other Poems by:

Eileen Frazier

Winter on Lower Wacker

throw-away humans
lay hidden
under the el train
urine-soaked gutters
American streets
thread-bare blankets
blank eyes
broken faces
breathless bodies
old booze seeps
moth-eaten dignity
clammy skin
rotten teeth
collapsable cardboard
glad bags of lost dreams
ragged woolen caps
tattered hooded sweats
gray skies
dirty melting snow
battered souls
on cold cement

	black charred corpse
	on the road
	I watch tv and talk politics

stranger at the door
breaks a window
it's my son

	cars rage by
	house falls down
	I listen for birds

lone raindrop
on white lily
splashes my face

	chinese homeless couple
	push wooden wheelbarrow
	smile for the camera

vietnamese bikers
wear face scarves and conincal hats
crammed ho chi minh streets

	asian elephant
	for her food 


I am a single parent living and working in Chicago.
@coprywrite 2005 Eileen Frazier, all rights reserved
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