Other Poems by:

Donnie Cox

the night

trying to outlast the night
mind utterly out of control
dreams have become one
with the dreamer
too much nervous noise
freight trains rolling by
louder than usual
i can hear the blood rush
through rivered arms-
in my head every image
is reduced to its essential elements
broken down
& put together again

fragments drift apart-
leaving a feeling of sadness
too sweet for the blues
like when a train
pulls away from the station
& leaves you standing
at the outer edge of nowhere
without a point of reference-
all sanity swallowed
by unrestrained confusion
reality bleeds away
& will not last til morning

repetition of a song

take me
to a place
where midnight

don't want
to see the sun
anymore-put me
on a train

with no windows
where nighttime
lasts forever
& a speed-mad

engineer with
a mechanical heart
high balls
a coal-black engine

time tunnels
like a bullet
leaving a gun

where the speed
of darkness
is faster than
the speed of light 

dreaming up
a nocturnal scene
mingus & monk softly

a tan-skinned lady
white flower
in her hair
singing "keeps on a rainin"

just give me things
i can depend on
red wine, old times 
the repetition of a song

the wall

--- for "old granddad" (& all that is new)

scattered at the base 
of a implausible wall 
taller than the night- 
martyred bodies lie 

hopelessly entangled 
in the sacred blue light 
of all that is new- 

clenched fists
down  to the bloody bone 
torn away atom by atom
by pointless pounding
against ancient stone

buzzard's meat-
a wasted stack 
of stationary sadness 

once so hip-  
they taught the sun 
to go down on time

so aware-
they could sense
starlight on bare backs 

so arrogant-
they imagined
burning it all
to the ground 
with the fingers 
of their fiery, right hands 

haughty sentries 
look down from the tower
on the senseless sacrifice 
& laugh out loud

as another
unarmed crusader
rides forward
with ragged banner flying 

carrying one more
for the wall
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