Other Poems by:

David Schwartz

When I Was Young

When I was young
I didn't believe 

That I had 

A dirty mouth

It was just me curiosity 

But now I am 

Somewhat old 

And wiser just not so bold 

And when you do a thing

That makes me mad 

I do not raise my hand

I just close my voice 

And mummer very very loud 

Gee dare chariot clues bithe

And if you don\'t understand that

Well listen to this:
Bend over sand remove your pants

And I know you will never do that again

Or at least get caught 

A Giant Rose

A grant rose 
Single and bright 
Grow into the garden 
Of my love this night
A single rose
So all alone 
Stood there so beautifully 
In our pleasant home

Smile At The Dog

Simile at the dog 

They don't know shit
Smile out at all

The don't get it 

So what's the use? 

Why the strain 

What have you on your brain? 

Smile at the dog 

Do not be ashamed

Iíve Been Making Meanings

Iíve been making  meaning  
 Out of elementary  thoughts   
 Just thinking about  you girl  
 And quite a lot of  what  nots  
 Looking in your  eyes 
 Isnít a surprise   but   
 Is sincerely out of  the rut 
 So I stay making   meaning 
 About your eyes, so  greeting 
 And you heart so  large   
 Almost as a kind of  barge    
 And life  keeps getting  more green 
 As I keep making these  meaning with  you

No I Am Sorry

No, I am sorry I havenít been doing  that   
 I thought I told you way way  back 
 No no no I  did  quit 
 In many ways this is it  
 No so I do say it here  and  now 
 You didnít are anyhow  
 Slam your face into a  pizza  pie 
 I promise you that you wonít  die  
 And about  that  sure 
 Yes yes yes I am sorry     

The Sun Goes Down

The sun goes down   
 Almost  every day   
 I don't know  why 
 We cannot play 
 In the  pitch black   
 And I may never  know 
 Itís not at all  like   
 The winter snow   

What Do I Do?

What do I do?
  Work myself up to a
  Severely intended
  Confusion (where I)
  Cannot even recognize
  What I have written before
  Cannot even recognize
  Reality)  and then write?
  To be sure, I wrote out of
  A manic state, but is thus
  So untouched by reality?

Electric Spirits

Eclectic spirits wait in the  hall
  An listen to the doors of gloom
  And instance, just instances
  Running into the forsaken room.
  Eclectic spirits are never dull
  And never made of light
  But are also never truthful;
  But stand in the depth of  blight
  Electric spirits stand alone
  Seeking dreams of perfection
  Listening to the dreary dreams
  Of friendly inattention
  Eclectic spirits do not ride the  train'
  And that is one reason why
  The lights do never really go  out
  Even when the truth has  died

Something to Remember

There was something I wanted to  remember
   But like everyone I forgot
   And now I have to get yelled  at
   For what I know not
   Now do not you think  that
   Should let you cease
   Opening your voice loud
   Anyway I  say Please

Thatís Not Up To Me

I haven't got a dime
To forge my desk up high
I only have the time  
To be sorry 
At this party 
The word rhymes with die 
For you see 
Thatís not up to me 

They Tested and Attempted

They tested and attempted to have bones made of steal
Their faces are iron and their nerves unreal  
Their legends are spread to corners so far 
That flat-headed people will know who the are 
Their names given over to public highways
And newspaper print has put in their face
Theyíre quoted and honored, respected and famed
And woman lust hotly for their body and brain
Their photos adore all the dorms of our schools
looked up to by all the wise persons and the fools
oh, here to be both tested and tried one
with riches and fame that apparently find our
but better by far than the trying and testing
is to be vied in this manner without so much messing 

Shutter On By Sweet Butterfly

Shutter on by sweet butterfly

Go fluting down your way 

Scamper all past

Sweet alas 

Dump all the way 

And go on Joe 

So go on clown

Break your neck

When Iím caroming

Sing up a song

A lovely song of sweat

Slander the old manor 

And just say what the heck 

Slander on past 

Sweet alas

Sing the news of rain

Mostly cloudy so youíre poutie

But not made from clay  

In A Blanket Of Love And Understanding

Down the boulevards of the heart 

Where breast are healed

And families are slashed apart 

And little at all yields 

If you stop running 

Which I don't advise 

On the restless highway

There'll be a shape surprise¬  

If you fall upon the scavenged road

And bounce on your button

Lots of important things  

Will just be right forgotten 

And the rearm you pretend to feel 

Flowing from your wrists or heal 

Is simply patients showing down 

The lovers standing on the ground

As worn blankets, not really worn 

But simply covering

Seeks for love 

Or understanding 


Memories go flagging past 

Sending out a boast 

Thinking bout the other day 

Now is just a ghost 

Smog stationed in the dreams  

Which every single word just means 

I seek the lips of an old love

And hear her tale of woe  

Standing here with you sweet dear 

Memories fly past 

But unfortunately 

They are not moving fast

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