Other Poems by:

Dan Provost


Grad Fair Fantasy 

There she goes…floating away. 

Silk shirt hiding erotic rapture. 

Her one-second stare is of respectable avoidance… 
She’s a college girl-ready to drink beers and go to frat parties, I’m an old man 
trying to recruit graduate students. 

So many twenty year old woman with luscious bodies that you fall in love with one hundred times a day. 

For a millisecond, then they fade away into seductive academia. 

Gone, never to be seen again. 


Let me walk in a land of confusion. 
Let me tire under a maple tree and contemplate the rays of a blinding sun. 

Let me cry under the intangible stars that never offer any answers. 
Let me see armies marching home from battle-not to war. 

Try to learn like me, 
To think like me, 
To suffer like me, 
To love like me. 

Offer empathy to those who need it sometimes. 
Offer strong shoulders for those who cannot carry the burden of living. 

Carry on dreams that others have told you are impossible. 
Learn to seek truth, for any inner light is based on this simple concept. 

Please, Supreme Being-let me seize the moment with a brave smile, open arms, and an outpouring of pure, raw sensation. 

Please…just let me bear witness to a beautiful scenario. 
Just this once. 

A Killer's Legacy

A river of blood and gore flows
through Jim's backyard,

as he discards all the hearts and limbs
that he carved out and off young boys
who dared to enter his den of cruelty.

Remorse? Did Gacy have remorse?

No, no, no.Jim perceives himself as one of the lucky ones.
He views society as a wasteland of morality, a disciple of a diverted desire
that sees
the physical action of  committing murder as a luxury that only few dare have.

He is a man among men.
He is a truth hauntingly revealed.

A persona of soiled mastery.
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