Other Poems by:

D.C. Porder

just an update

i flooded the basement
with your favorite beer.
i missed the big election.
i heard the black guy won.
did you pull a lever?
i would have voted
for your name. 
i introduced myself
to that bum. i paid him
2 liters to sing puccini
all night. your favorite.

i had that dream again.
i climbed your ribcage
and you squealed.
did you know weíre
both alive? i donít mind.
iím all out of those pills
you left. itís an excuse to call. 
iím not going to call.
yesterday i ruined our mattress.
i cut a circle around the spot
where you wrote

your name.  i took it in
but they said nothing

could fill the hole.
**Copyright 2009 D.C. Porder, all rights reserved
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