Other Poems by:

Connie Stadler

Welsh-flecked 'Romance'

In the laughing house
strewn in the plum dappled
 peach tricking meadow,
A thicket of blackberried
hummingbirds steal my form.
That I may gaze through the 
fawn breast light
at the glimmers of hyacinth hair
and the ripple of your farm hued
body sawing and bailing, in
briny brilliantine hallow.     
                    Till ash evening
falls and I return to the
dragonfly blight in 
the onyx ribboned hills
that fill me with the
quarry of your absence
tracing unkissed lips, pale
in the time skewered dusk.


Run -- 
            to the west
            to the edge
                                    of earth,            
            to brink
                                    of ocean,
              to cusp
                                    of blazing day.
            the canyon gusts
            the prayer of the Dead Ones
            the Ancestor's lament.
Fill steppes of the ages --
            the fierce young ones
            the unsentimental old ones
            the remnant mothers 
the murdered millions
                   dead, unblessed.                  
Bear the burden of the bones.
                        Run, you must not rest
            in rest, there is sleep,
            in sleep, death divides.
Climb the sheer rock face
               Lone Ghost Dancer  
               Honor Fallen Fathers
               Totem High.

Sister Sun
               Rips breast open
               Sparkles night 
               With star-lit souls.
Be the rock face
            Score its crags,
            cry of small bird 
                                    fades below ...
              You stand in black clouds
              on crystal lattice
              Hilo's hand.

The Bottle calls you.
This day,
You Touch the Sky.


By my own
I have sentenced myself
To purgatory.
There is no God to inveigh against.
No oppressor to resist with all
                                                That I am
For all that I am
Has brought me here.
Subject to untold increments
of infinite expanses of trickling waste
Shuffling the mortal/immortal coil
                                                without You.
I cannot even cloister my self-deception
The Heaven where Lovers meet.
By request, I ripped you out of my body
As you circumcised your heart.
And so it begins
Sunbeams of each daybreak
Glisten on new forged shackle.

Birds sing.
Sunrises bear fruits.
Delicacy infuses the night.
And I begin the Walk without
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