Other Poems by:

Cindy Caogolla

Untitled 1

I sit here, as I remeber being in your arms today,
Oh my dear Lord, you have cast my worries away,
I look at you, I see the perfect friend,
A blessing to me that Sweet heaven decided to send,
I know that I will try and keep you around,
There's calm within me whenever I her your sound,
You are a piece I thought never existed yet,
Yet everytime I look at you, ou are a sight I could never forget,
How did I get so lucky, favor has been bestowed upon me,
After a stormy night, calm has returned to the sea,
I don't know what the future has in store,
But I know with each day, I long to know you more.
I lay down on my bed, sweet memories of today,
Before I sleep, thank you to God, I say.

Untitled 2

The sound of music from the strings as she plucks
Reminds me of the moon my sky lacks
The air filled with sounds from the flute, he blew
I look at you, my thoughts, if you only knew
The lyrics in harmony with the music from the instrument,
As we listened, you held me and i knew you were heaven sent

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