Other Poems by:

Chad Myers

As I Walk Through the Halls of Dogma

As I walk through the halls of dogma
Mirrors reflecting my face
It's all about who you follow
not your sex or race
Dangling enlightenment in front of me
but I just can't get a taste
Born with sex organs, then told it's evil to use
It feels so good but only do it to reproduce
Speak only good, do not spew curses
Prophets didn't know these words
men made them hurtful
Donations to build bigger temples to bless
but walk by and give nothing to the lonely, the homeless
"I'm a servant of God" says the pastor
Living in mansions and cars that go faster
I walk along through statues and raptures
while innocent people are killed and slaves are captured
Looting and killing, plundering earth's soil
Raping and taking riches, gold, diamonds and oil
Some lives get spared but they must proclaim their loyal
Others are tied to stakes and burnt till the blood boils
Religion is suppose to equal compassion
but they persecute those that are different
Leaders are there to help
but they still hurt the innocent
There is no reason for us to fight
cause we all seek the same afterlife
We all go through struggles and strife
but if we all band together we may just find the light
As I walk through the halls of dogma
feet smear blood on the floor
Every religion has the same core
we have no need of war
Must join our energy together
and we'll figure out what we're here for
Then we'll walk together, hand and hand
through enlightenments door.

Through You

Through you
my love is like the sea
vast and deep
We live together in harmony
and my heart is granted release
and when we sleep deep
it's you in my dreams
When your far away
it's like your next to me.

Through you
I seek peace
my soul is granted ecstasy
through this world of greed
and the tough times that make me bleed
I don't worry if I'm hexed or free
but know the lord is blessing me
cause your love is all I seek
and I know that you are all I need.

Through you
I'll do whatever
to make you happy forever
the pain in my brain is severed
I'll brave any weather
as long as we're together
My love for you is boundless
so many happy moments
I can't count them
It's astounding how I adore you.

Through you
I rest from my stress
I have the courage to be the best
no matter what I get
there's no fear of what's next
You give me strength so I'm blessed
My life is complete
as long as your right next to me
together forever through eternity.


The world will wait for melodies
softly spoken through a groove
and all the screams of deadliness
upon the droves of moods
My mind at times is shallow,
sometimes just a shadow
So many stories being told
and many tales fraught with drama
Never mind the frivolous
ways of straying rays
This world will stop for me
but it will not be today
Only in my mind
only in my time
What a wonderful journey
through fruitful skies
Never mind the kings and queens
so graciously voracious
Never mind the shallow river,
flowing protector of our pain
and we all die in 2G
while we wait patiently for signs,
chasing impossible dreams.

The Call

Some may ask why we have to change
No matter who's in control it's all deranged
This is our world, yet we're estranged
but know this, at first, true freedom is strange
but we can't stop now the truth is in range
Slowly we're running out of room
all this trash, glass and weapons
cocooning us a tomb
we'll be gone tomorrow if we don't act soon
It's like Doc and Earp at high noon
If we don't shoot fastest we're bound to be doomed
Strap my vest and load my nine
and for courage chug some wine
The powers that be finally crossed the line
and heaven has revealed the signs
It's time to take back what's mine
If we all band together we'll be just fine
So saddle up one and all
conjure your strength and stand tall
Remember we are unassisted by the law
So pray for your brothers 
cause some may fall
It always takes sacrifice 
to answer the call.
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