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Blue Rain

Step out into the rain
Out from a place that's warm
Too dark to see my way
Too light to be a storm

I see those shards fall all around me
Like they're thrashed 'round dreams
Watch the cracked wing'd angels fall
Down upon my knees
The glass that breaks upon the ground
And I just have to say
When walls fall down and work on in,

It's just another day.



You want that treasure.

The glittering gold under dragon's wings
The pearl in her oyster, such giant things
Ther diamond that hangs in the blackened night sky
The knowledge of Odin, but he lost an eye
The time of the past, so far yet so near
A lover with beauty that you can hold dear

So impossible, and yet
Your obsession.


Again, But With Feeling

Enters here, this shagged writer
Empties out his troubled woes
Sends across the newfound page
His empty soul then up and goes
Exits here, our shagged writer
Emptied out of all lament
Once again out to the world
The time again must then be spent

Enters here, this shagged actor
Looks again at olden script
Searches meaning from troubled letter
Looks into the darkened crypt
Exits here, our shagged actor
Alone to send the message come
Life upon the stage is ending
Send the message to audiance numb


**Copyright 2007, Certari
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