Other Poems by:

Aural Martin

The Bravest Clown in Town-a tribute

The Bravest clown in town 
  is the Rodeo clown

Cowboy ride the bull till the 
  horn sounds

Rodeo Clown
  Whoop and Holler

You draw away the snorting bull
  even in danger to the full

Rodeo Clown
  Whoop and Holler

Save that cowboy from the horns.
You may amuse the crowd by taking
  the bull by his horns.

Rodeo Clown 
  Whoop and Holler

In that barrel you drop down
 your the bravest clown in town

A Horses Dream

Carrots and oats
Apples and sugar
Running free in the meadow
Running free at the beach
Oats and hay all day
Tracks that disappear
Sassy and bold and more sugar

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