Other Poems by:

Anette Gurbatri

My Adolescent Years (Sonnet)

I lived my puerile days, confronting rage,  
And waded across rivers of distress.
My life it seemed was confined in a cage
Then battled hard, grave feelings to suppress.  
In a dipsomaniac's world, I tried
Heart and soul, to live each torturous day.   
A much too fragile youth lacking a guide,
I immersed myself in tears from dismay.
While oft I hid behind closed doors and sobbed,
Affliction from vile words drowned me in woe.
My adolescent years I felt were robbed.  
As cursed days dragged, I nursed each fatal blow.  
So cruel were those heinous days gone by.
Yet somehow found in me, the will to fly.

Spring's Delight

Bid winter farewell, 'til later this year, 
Hold hands and cheer, for spring is here.
No more frost nor carpet of white, 
Only springtime's pure delight.

New life around; greenish grass on the ground,
Buds burst open; blossoms surround.
Robins flutter their tiny wings,
Singing tuneful songs of spring.

White tulips beneath trees dance in the breeze,
Whizzing about are bumblebees.
Chirping frogs sing sweetly like birds,
What charm! For spring's friends have stirred.

Host of bright daffodils cascades downhill,
Sweet aspirations, they fulfill,
As children grip their mothers' arms 
Savoring spring's cheery charms.

A Morning to Remember

I awoke to streaks
Of soft, sweet, sunshine 
Streaming through satin curtains.
Eager to face the day,
I drew the curtains aside,
Flung open the door,
And stepped into paradise.   

It was a splendid morning
For Mother earth glowed
In all her glory-
Beneath pleasant sunlight,
Rose petals spilled
With chaotic profusion
Onto bluestone pathway,
Paving a crimson carpet
Of utmost beauty.

Clusters of effulgent marigolds,
Sunflowers and daisies
Enhanced stark picket fence-
Adorning emerald lawn
Amidst statues of Snow White
And the Seven Dwarfs.

Ambling toward a sapphire pool,
I reclined on a cushioned settee
In this my sumptuous garden.
I sipped a cup of freshly brewed coffee,
Sniffing the odoriferous scents around
And praising the Creator
For bestowing upon me, such wealth.

I basked in this breathtaking scenery.
Paintbrush in hand,
I began painting my spectacular garden.
Eager to capture the morning-
A picturesque morning 
To be remembered
On cold winter days.

Summer Days (Kyrielle)

Warm summer days are here once more,
Granting us pleasures, we adore.  
Velvet grass grows beneath our feet.
Oh! Summer days are simply sweet!

Birds perch and sing in joyful lay,
From trees in backyards, as they sway. 
Gigantic oaks - a cool retreat.
Oh! Summer days are simply sweet!

Trips to the beach are lots of fun,
Building sandcastles in the sun.
Ice cream, hotdogs, melons, we eat. 
Oh! Summer days are simply sweet!

Splashing, swimming in the blue sea,
Watching the seagulls, wild and free. 
These toasty days are quite a treat. 
Oh! Summer days are simply sweet!

Four Seasons (Swap Quatrain)

Spring glorifies my home on earth.
My days are full of joy and mirth, 
Of birds and trees and azure skies. 
My home on earth, spring glorifies.

On summer days my fun extends.
I barbecue outdoors with friends.
I suntan under golden rays.
My fun extends on summer days.

Autumn reveals a beauty rare-
Golden yellow, the oak trees wear.
In orange leaves, I sink my heels.
A beauty rare, autumn reveals.

Cold winter brings crystal snowflakes.
They scintillate on frozen lakes.
Pristine blankets deck the mornings.  
Crystal snowflakes, cold winter brings.

I venerate the seasons four.
Lavish offerings, I adore.
Unique landscapes, they generate. 
The seasons four, I venerate.

Winter Blues

Cold and trembling, teeth chattering, 
This bleak air is unflattering.
Abounding snow all over town,
Like dense white ashes all around.

Drying lips; alligator skin, 
Hair in a tousle, I can't win.
Bundling up from my head to toe, 
I dream of a warm place to go. 

Stepping outside to shovel snow, 
Digging and throwing high and low, 
With tiring arms and feet quite numb,
Next day, body aches, here they come!

A drab sight, this carpet of white, 
Surely brings me no delight. 
Stealing beauty before my eyes, 
I long each day to wave goodbye. 

Where are the birds, flowers and trees?
Where are the buzzing bumblebees?
Hear my song and rescue me, 
Set me free, to you I plea.

		Copyright  2004 Anette Gurbatri
			All Rights Reserved

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