Other Poems by:

Andrew Demcak

The Courage of Speaking Up

That baby's pink squeal for the tit, hunger

insolvent, an obstinate country.  Or

the marvelous snarl of a sated fox


after its feast of taciturn rabbit.

Mountains open upon their dependants

a volcanic outrage- magma aglow like


the mind's light, orange-red, alchemical.

The screech of sea birds over lifeless men,

the mouths of mermaids the drowning have heard.

-Andrew Demcak 


After her bundle to rub for nine months, 

all the inquisitive visitors come 

into fecal air.  This child's true belly 


padded with milk.  The bossing ache heavy

in her cot, or on all fours.  Cloth diapers

in the ovoid basket: a demanding 


mouth without eyes or face.  In response they  

hover- ethereal witnesses to 

the thumbs of an angel- no relation.

-Andrew Demcak

Parliament Hill Fields

One pear tree, in the snowfield, points a hand 

skyward, having dropped every Bartlett.

The year's close conspicuous; the hill glows 


and the mud beds whiten. Leaves wither, ghosts

on dark boughs.  Wan frost glints like sugared

tin.  Heel-prints glittering on grass, all smudge.


The sun settles its indigo nimbus.

Icy melts stir the inky pond bottoms

to a tumult, a pooling of fresh faith.

-Andrew Demcak


Rain sheets keep the town at its posts along

Victorian streets.  A slickening of 

garden sun-tile, outside, where our cocks 


whispered in the parched orchard sticks.

The storm rose sluggishly over places our

kisses left, when we refused this house


arrest, under a hail-clattering roof.

A puckish freedom coming off and on,

this morning moved towards morning's spunk.

-Andrew Demcak

On Deck

We look slowly off, not taking much in.

Avuncular, a pair of plastic grooms 

on a wedding cake, afar, by sexton


and reef-map, mannered passengers at

mid-ship; sailors awake, a string of light 

in our hands.  The Atlantic rolls the sails,


our lit candles carried to the rails.

The bringing of navigational charts,

our place together to elbow the stars.

-Andrew Demcak

Copyright Andrew Demcak 2007
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