Other Poems by:

Abraham Gibson

she came back

the canvas
was smearedw
ith the serum 

he cut
and toiled
and she stood
there before him 

her phantom
washed over him
his every nerve

his insides
like a guitar

the sleeper

the sleeper
is fetal
cackling in
his dreams 

he follows
the staircase
punches holes
in imaginary

he tries to
scream but
nothing comes out

the nausea clouds

the nausea clouds
thick diabolical mists
seasickness sitting
in the parlor 

following the yellow brick road
to the emerald city
spent lovely lazy times
lounging amongst the poppies 

the ugly oil smell
drags me away
kicking and screaming demanding
a sacrifice to the industry

the vibrating gallery

weaving in and
out of sight
leaning on the
shoulder of the road
losing hold of
the tightrope
an acrobat falls
to his death
eyes focus
on minute details
in the distance
on the canvas
bells ring
oh! from a
dream that
flushes your cheeks

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