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Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee, FL has been amongst the center of the college world for at least a decade. The sports are amongst the best, as well as the party scene and the woman. Everybody in the nation knows it. So get in your car or plane and come visit a very diverse, beautiful, fun city that is in FL, but also has a lot of down home southern appeal.

There may be other cities in this country where the college sports are as good as in Tallahassee, but I don't believe that any of them are better. The worst of the 3 major sporting teams, basketball, never really wins much but plays in the ACC. This means that although the team mostly loses, you still get to see some of the best teams in the nation on a yearly basis. With the last brick of the brand new, state of the art practice facility, that is sure to change in the near future. The Seminole baseball team on the other hand is in the top 5-10 in the nation every year. For the price of lunch you can go see great college baseball and many future major leaguers. The stadium isn't the greatest, but there isn't a bad seat, and the city is in the process of laying the groundwork for a new stadium as we speak. The football stadium on the other hand, in my opinion is the best in the country. I have only been to two others, Ohio State and Michigan, so I challenge you people to come see it and say any different. The outside consists of all the offices that run the whole school in one magnificent mass of architecture. Our mascot and team colors are also unmatched (again, as alumni I'm quite biased). And on top of that FSU has the best coach, the best players and the best team of the past 2 decades with no hint of slowing down, other than Bobby Bowdens health that is. To see a game in Doak Cambell Stadium is like nothing you have ever seen. The site of 90,000 people doing the chop and the war chant is simple energizing. Everybody knows about the great sports in Tallahassee, but what else is there to do.

The landscape in Tallahassee is one of rolling tree-lined hills. On many streets in the city on hills you can see for a mile and it basically looks like a forest with buildings mixed in. It's simple beautiful. The people who run the city have done a good job of keeping nature a big part of the city. There are many beautiful parks and lakes all throughout the city and countryside. You can take your dog for a walk in the Dog Park, or play a round of Frisbee golf in the newly completed course. Speaking of courses, for the golf enthusiast there are over 20 golf courses spread throughout the city including a brand new professional course that will be completed sometime next year. All of them range around the standard $30 for 18 holes and a cart, but my favorite is Hilaman Country Club.

Like any city in this country you will find your great malls and shopping. On South Monroe street there are many antique and vintage stores if that is what you are into including the first Strangeroad retail facility located inside Second Blessing Vintage Mall. It's called Strangeroad Books, Music, Art & More and the name pretty much says it all so I will leave it at that. On Gaines Street, which runs between FSU and FAMU you will find an eclectic mix of art galleries, tattoo parlors, coffee shops and anything else to fill your bohemian fix. Both areas are definitely well worth the time of checking out. Every Wednesday there is a flea market in the FSU student union where you can buy practically anything.

Now what you've probably wanted to read the whole time, where to eat and where to party. In this annual host of the #1 party school in the nation we must start with where the students go. Tennessee St, which is right next to campus, is crowded with students and others every weekend. Floyds Music Store is probably my favorite because it hosts live bands including promising local talent (Creed got its start here) to well known artists (Ice T played there 3 weeks ago). It's just a small place, but the atmosphere is great and the drinks are affordable. Bullwinkles, located about 100 ft from Floyds, is the most popular bar in Tallahassee. It has been ranked as one of Playboys top 100 college bars for the last three years and the woman there are beautiful. It is a right of passage for FSU students to take the campus crawl or Tennessee Waltz or whatever you want to call it. Basically you go to every bar and get a drink until you cannot drink anymore. I did it when I turned 21 and it's worth a try for anyone from 21 up. It is very student oriented though, so watch out that you don't get date raped or gang jumped by Fraternity guys! (Just kidding fellas). My favorite places to eat and party are the two Gordos restaurant/ bars, one downtown and one near the stadium. They have great inexpensive food and every game day there is a big crowd of drunk and rowdy FSU fans gathered around causing trouble and carousing about. I love it. The Moon is the spot in town for the hip hop scene, as well as The Late Night Library. Paradise bar and grill also has good food, and although a slightly older crowd, it is a very good time. For good inexpensive food it is also worth it to try Three Guys From New York for pizza and pasta, Bagel Bagel for sandwiches and El Chico for Mexican food. The best steaks I have found are mostly located at the same chains as everywhere else so take your pick. You can't go wrong with the Melting Pot if you want to impress a date. Also good for a date are the 3 Japanese steakhouses located around town, with my favorite being Mori. The food and service is exellent and they have a spectacular sushi bar. The best part is it's fairly affordable, so make sure to give it a try.

Well, as you can see there's plenty to do in Tallahassee. From football, to shopping to bar hopping, there's something for everyone who likes to have a good time. So pack your shorts, your beer belly, and your camera and you're sure to have fun. That's not even going into the places close enough for a weekend trip such as Panama City, Atlanta, New Orleans, Saint Augustine and Tampa.

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