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Sarasota, Florida

If it is not already, Sarasota, FL should be on your list as a place to visit within your lifetime, if not a potential place to live. It has a vibrant local economy and a variety of different things to do for young and old alike.

For the sportsman, Sarasota has a wide variety of activities. The golf courses are world renowned, one in a thousand as far as courses go, and you can find one every couple of miles. From professional courses to simple par 3 courses there is something here for every talent level across the board. Something about each one makes them unique and special. The Foxfire course is one that I would specifically recommend for it's reasonable price and difficult, yet manageable playability. It has three 9-hole courses that give you a variety to play it more then once. Other items of interest is the 3 major league baseball teams that do their spring training in the area and obviously the great salt water fishing.

The main area of interest that a visitor would want to see would be the beaches. According to Lifestyle magazine, Siesta Key Beach has been voted one of the top ten beaches in the world every year since 1994. It is only one of three US beaches to have this distinction. The water is crystal clear and very clean and the sand is white and powdery. Thousands of people visit the beach every day drinking, playing volleyball, swimming or just hanging out with friends. Siesta Key also has an area known as the village that is right by the beach and offers the best in fine dining and nightlife. The Beach Club and the Speakeasy are two of my favorites hosting live music and plenty of dancing. Other great clubs near the area are Fandangos and The Coliseum. These two are where you would go to dance and carouse with the other sex. Beautiful people galore can be found in all these clubs, which is why the are among my favorites.

For a quieter evening I suggest going to St. Armands Circle. Plenty of fine dining and scenery, and on many nights special events and festivals are hosted here. My favorite spot is a Jazz club called 15 South. Another hot spot is The Quay, another area of fine dining and shopping near the water. My favorite restaurant is a Japanese steakhouse called DaRuMa. Great steaks and sushi that still can't top the view of the water and the atmosphere. For the best seafood in town I recommend Captain Brian's. This small, unknown place has fresh fish caught daily and the best cooks in town, simply delicious. Sarasota also has a revitalized downtown area with a new arts festival nearly every month. The Hollywood 20 movie theater is also host to movie premiers and independent film festivals. Bookstores, art, shops and museums abound in this area of town.

Simply put, Sarasota is a great place to live or visit. Beautiful hotels with the finest amenities, condos and also lower end, affordable places to stay. It is can be as inexpensive to as expensive as you like without sacrificing much in entertainment. The weather is beautiful and so are the people (save the snow birds). Sarasota is well known for its wealth and beauty, come and check it out.

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