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San Diego, California

Looking for a good vacation spot these days for folks of any age?  Look no further than San Diego, the jewel of southern California.  Located on the Pacific Ocean, San Diego offers everything form sun ,beaches, parks, restaurants and everything else a big city has to offer.

Probably the most famous water spot in San Diego is Mission Beach, with it's amusement park and strip of eateries and bars.  Sort of old and run down at this point, but still a great time.  Lots of scantily clad women and men drinking and having fun.  My personal favorite spot though is the La Holla district.  La Holla is a large group of coves and rock formations that form a beautiful scenic area.  There's also a park and a few small beaches, perfect for picnicking or watching the sunset.  Very romantic, I recommend sharing the experience with a loved one.

The downtown is a little more upscale then most.  There are a ton of great restaurants, bars and cigar shops.  If you plan on spending a night on the town just bring your wallet and prepare to rage in style.

Shopping is also abound in the downtown, with a couple malls and a bunch of small shops.  La Holla also boasts a great shopping are, but it's much more upscale.  Don't want to spend a lot of money but love to shop?  Take a bus across the border to Tijuana, Mexico.  Lots of good items, and they love to negotiate down there.  They'll take almost anything so don't be afraid to offer.  In Tijuana it's pretty easy to have a good time if you don't mind craziness.  Too many clubs and sex shows that you can't even count.  There is also a pharmacy on every corner and the alcohol is very cheap.  Just stay out of trouble, they don't mess around in Mexican jails,oh yeah, and never drink the water!

What's left?  Only the largest sea world in the world and some of the best golf courses in the world.  Then if you love sports you can check out a Chargers game or go watch the Padres if your a baseball lover.  Theres's plenty more as well, but you'll just have to do a little exploring.

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