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Puerto Rico

If you ever have the chance or opportunity to visit the lovely island of Puerto Rico here are some places that I suggest you visit. Like most tourists they tend to stay in San Juan, the capital, and not venture out because they do not know where to go or perhaps they are scared of what they are not used to or comfortable with.

To give you an idea of how big Puerto Rico really is, it takes about 7 hours to circle the island of Puerto Rico entirely. Which if you think about it, is like driving from Tampa FL to Miami FL and then back to Tampa FL. Now it is not that big of an area, it is just mostly traffic that will hold you up and take you those 7 hours.

There are 78 different manucipalities that Puerto Rico is made of. Your best bet in Puerto Rico is to get a rental car, with the maximum allowed insurance on it, and drive to the other side of the island. The other side of the island is what I consider to be the prettier area of the island and also the better area to party. On the other side of the island, you will find one of those 78 manucipalities as Aguadilla.

Aguadilla highest peak is Jimenez Peak which is about 222mt, 728 ft. Its best areas have to be its beaches. Aguadilla's most popular surfing beaches include Crashboat, famous for it's crystal clear waters, Gas Chambers, and Wilderness. Aguadilla is home to "Parque Acuático Las Cascadas", which is a large aquatic theme park. This is definitely a must see. It is known in short as Cascadas, which is spanish for waterfalls.

The other city that I recommed you visit would have tobe Ponce. The heart of Ponce dates back to the 17th Century and has many preserved antique areas consisting of churches, markets, and many historical landmarks. Now if you are in the younger generation and you want to go out and have fun. San Juan, Carolina, and Bayamon are the places for you. These cities after dark have some of the best parties and wildest clubs known to man. And since you are in Bacardi Country, the alcohol is rather inexpensive too. Now the clubs in this area change every so often that by name is not how you go. Once in Puerto Rico dash on 107.7 on the FM radio and they will be speaking both English and Spanish, known as spanglish. Here you will get your hot tips on what spot will be in for the night.

If you are close to Isabella Puerto Rico, you must stay at the OCEAN FRONT HOTEL & RESTAURANT. This hotel has some of the most exciting views that I think exists on this earth. It is just breathe taking. Here you can go horse back riding, surfing, scuba diving and even golf at what I think is one of the islands best golf courses being the Ramey Base Golf Club. This golf course has a road that is in the middle of the course, has the ocean one on side and an airport on the other, you might think that is funny, but you must check it out. This is the hotel to stay at during the Festival de la Novilla in San Sebastian. This is something that must be checked out, but in all honesty, there are several festivals during the whole entire year really, but this one in particular is more of a party and directed at the younger generations. Come prepared to drink!!! You can call this hotel at 787-872-0444. Definitely a better place to stay than at the Ritz in tourist town. Got me?

One last sentence for me, so you know, San Juan and Ponce are 2 of the 5 oldest cities in all of the Americas. This alone tells you how much there is to see on this small island.

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