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Duke Blue Devils and Cameron Indoor Stadium

Duke University has one of the most famed and fortunite Basketball programs in the country. This school has gone through so much tragedy and sucess that it is uniquly considerate a part from all other NCAA teams. As you all know, the Duke Blue Devils are in the ACC ans this has just helped out the schools legacy through out the years.

Cameron Indoor Stadium has been around since January 6th 1940. For 64 years now, students, players and coaches have been able to be a part of the magic that has taken place in this building and first hand be a part of history every year. The building was named after Duke's longtime AD and once basketball coach Eddie Cameron. The arena measured at the time 262-feet long by 175-feet wide. It had a maximum seating capacity of 12,000 people, and back in those days this was considered collasal. This was the second largest stadium on the East Coast.

Back then as today, what is most impresive about the stadium is the closeness that one feels to the game. The comfortness of it's seating makes you feel so intimate with the legacy. The student section that was created then, still stands as one of the most moving areas in sports history, especially since it was and still is deducated to the undergraduate students. Once anyone experiences this feeling, I do not think one could or would ever forget this. In the first game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Blue Devils beat the Princeton Tigers 36-27 in a thriller in front of a jam packed crowd.

The stadium has seen been renovated but appears almost exactly as before. This took place in 1986-1988. An electronic scoreboard, new sound system, wood paneling and an addition of 750 new student seats were all added in this renovation. When Cameron first opened its door it was the largest college stadium ever, now it is one of the smallest holding a capacity of 9,314 which can be known as the Cameron Crazies or the best "sixth man" in sports. Duke's all time record in Cameron is almost at 85%. That is more dominance in a given stadium than anywhere else in the world.

I have visited Cameron Indoor Stadium several times. I have seen now all of this stadium. I have been underneath the stadium in its many pipes and AC systems and electrical wires. I have seen the visitors locker room. I have seen the coaches offices and the AD's fron offices as well. I have seen the new Sports Hall of Fame as well as the Legacy Room.

The last time I was there, I had some friends with me and we were able to see some new unpublished sites about this stadium. If you search right now using your computer, you can not find one article about this. It is a big hush hush program going on right now. I also have spoken to the main engineer that is in charge of these renovations.

While we were there, we were able to physically pick up GRANT HILL's last game time jersey as well as JASON WILLIAM's. We were able to see these new renovations consisting of new locker rooms and new rooms with DUKE's national championship trophies as well as photos and player sayings on the walls. The floor that was lifted in 1997 is now placed on the floor to the entrance to the new locker rooms. This renovations are scheduled to be done by January 2005 and are not being talked about by the team or anyone with the school. I am not sure why this is still. But, if I do find any information on this I will definatly pass it on.

To end this article, the last thing that I need to say is: 1992, Hill to Laettner, game.

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