Chad Myers Photograph

Bucyrus, Ohio

Cali-style raging
After hours smoking sage &
Hittin kinder straight blazing
When we drink
We're racing
It's contagious
200 beer a night habit
Cuties falling on their asses
See the blunt they grab it
Hit the shit & pass it
Get up and start laughing
It's madness
But nothing new
Only thing here to do
Boulder and Denver crew
Thugs from Chi-town, DC and Cali
Rolling up from Tally
You know they brought the HG's
Blunted up fatties
Burning tea all up in trees
Night off
Still get high off
Bullet to the tribe game
This shit's never lame
Sushi, sake & more beer
It ain't fair
We're livin' like this
All people should have
Friends like this
Next night we still mash
Bust cards for the cash
2 bottles of henny
Getting us smashed
Just waiting to see
What we all will be
This thug family
Hitting on honeys we shouldn't be
After five every night
We go to sleep
Keep going happily
This may be
Best people I'll ever meet
Downing shots w/ Yay-lee
Don't need a chaser
We ain't that weak
Can you feel me?
Road dogs
Acting the fool
The party rules
See someone new
But can't tell who
Blowing smoke
Catching up on new
Thinking we smooth
Backyard beer stack
From Pudges shack
Chug the yak
& Dags with the Alize
3 more jays
Jellow shots on the way
Next it's time to leave
Mad Bull is all I see
& we dancin
Catch a glance &
Start prancing
And prowling
My friends wildin
Till we see the moon
I told ya this wasn't new
We make em swoon
Having fun
Because we're doomed
Don't sleep
Till we read the paper
Throwing out mad love
Want to read about our caper
My brothers and I
Nice and high
Turn our separate
Ways to ride
Just a smile & a sigh
And on our way
To a brand new day
Be my dogs
Till we turn grey
Can't wait till next
We smoke a jay
10 yrs we on top
Kings of the future
I salute you
And I'll miss you
Much love to ya
Can't wait till
We on top!!
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