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Boulder/Denver, Colorado

There are many great cities in this country but 3 stand out above the rest in my opinion, and the people of Strangeroad. They are San Francisco, New Orleans, and last but not least the Denver/ Boulder area. All three have just the right mix of size, great people, great environment, great party scene and great music and arts. The last one Denver/Boulder, CO I will be telling you about today. The reason these two cities are lumped together is because they are right beside each other (about a 20-min drive). Also because there are a lot of differences about them that complement each other well.

Boulder is effectively a college town. It has the University of Colorado and all the sports and parties and woman that go there, as well as all the intellectuals and wanna be hippies and enviromentalists that feed off the university to an extent. Don't worry though, there is a lot of liberalism but in a good way, they definitely aren't all up in your face. Pearl St. is a place where people watching is great. An outdoor pedestrian mall with lots of shopping, bars and restaurants. What more could a person want out of a place to visit. Then there is also The Hill, which is a place where many students live and party. The student population here is very laid back and intelligent which lets many outsiders fit in as well. The best restaurant in town and possibly the nation is The Flagstaff. Located on Flagstaff Mountain, this restaurant boasts the best wine list in the world, with a price range anywhere from $25 to $10,000. If you have the money it is highly recommended that you try it, expect to pay around $100 per person, if you get an inexpensive wine.

The other thing I love about this area is the nature. There are many trails for hiking, mountains for off-roading on, and rivers and waterfalls for romance and fun. In fact there is a river that runs right through the middle of town in which people of all ages get in intertubes and float down for free. It's the best value in town. And although I shouldn't be saying this, other than possible Northern California, this are of the country boasts some of the best buds in the country. With a very diverse and liberal population, you can find about anything you're looking for. Also located in Boulder is the Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics set up by Jack's dear friend and famous poet Allen Ginsberg. It is definitely worth checking out. Boulder simply may be the best place in the world to just chill. There is plenty to do without doing much work to get there and the people and atmosphere can't be beat. It is definitely worth a stop on any road trip.

Now the big brother City that complements Boulder so well, Denver. Although college sports are not that great in Denver, it sure has some of the best pro sports in the country. Boasting teams from all 4 world class sports, The Broncos, The Nuggets, The Rockies, and the Avalanche; a person can basically watch great sports at affordable prices any time in the year. The city is mid size, but very modern and is a thing of beauty. I'm not one for really large cities and Denver is perfect for a guy like me. The driving isn't that bad even in rush hour and you can get anywhere in the city very quickly.

The club scene is that of a city though, very abundant and flourishing. The Alley Cat is more of an underground scene with live bands and live woman. Lower Downtown features many great bars and restaurants located near the stadium district. Sanctuary is a great club in this area so if you are at a sporting contest be sure to check it out. Many great bars and clubs come and go, but Vinyl has been a mainstay for years. A very laid back, fun loving crowd that loves to dance will have you going all night long. Herbs and The Hornet are also bars with a great hip-hop scene and also a delicious menu of food, well worth checking out. Taki's Golden Bowl features healthy Japanese food for under $10 a meal, and is the best in town for these prices. As far as the high-class restaurants to take a beautiful lady or man to, you can't go wrong with The Bee Hive. The menu changes nightly with a good mix of eclectic foods that could be called New American. Dinner for two with a bottle of wine will run about $120, and is worth every penny. Del Frisco Double Eagle Steakhouse has been called by many the best steakhouse from Chicago to the West Coast. If you want to impress a date, that is the place to be. The food is just phenomenal.

Like I said before, there may not be a better area in the country if you like the things listed above. The natural surroundings are first class, and if you want to get out of town for some skiing Breckenridge and Keystone are about an hour and a half away, with Aspen and Vail in the 2-3 hr range. The people here are very laid back and carefree, and the food and club scene is competitive with anywhere in the country. I simple love this area and you will too, just give it a chance the next time you're anywhere in the area. You'll be happy you did.

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