In My Mind

by Prescott Johanson

Here we go again, another scripture from the mind of Dmyz. I'm tired of writing articles, well, the articles are tired. The world is crashing down around us and the control is out of our hands as individuals. All I can do, and all you can do is write, create, tell your story, paint your masterpiece, help your soul to sing. Let us inspire others with our light, or in some cases, lack thereof. Go green in more ways then one, and by all means, keep seeking peace, whether with your family, your neghbor, or the whole world. Let us work towards getting there together. The following is/was in my soul, in my mind, let it fly...

I just can't let the past
eat at my ass
like a rash I catch
or a drug relapse
Take a sip of hen
pick up my pen and relent
Torment ferments
on this page I'm penetent
I mean I'm leaving
my demons and heathens
start a new season
ruled rightly with reason
I just can't look back
can't relax or distract
back, heart, brain is black
broken in half
Until there's nothing left
spill my guts and breath
feel my gun it's blood red
will the sun ever set
Whatever happens
I'm gonna keep on blasting
relapse like a savage
hope God can see past it
All I know is nothing
fronting about something
running heart thumping
hunted cause it's month end
I got no G's, no green
under siege, I'm not free
never be, though I plead
my seeds a diety.

Picture me plotting
stopping short of the coffin
Coughing lungs can't stop this
got a mic, I'll rock it
Keep creating, stop hating
find new faith in self
Stop belating, keep Satan
away I need help
Implicated, my nerves fraying
pain fileting
brain just spraying
afraid of the cage sayings
Can't relate, only hate
rules the face of the state
Maybe fake my wake
run to sun shine and bake
Insurance for hurtin
blurting first, it's working
curses on persons murdered
worthlessly hurtled
Across the abysmal
with money in fist fulls
sinister senators,
ministers miserable
Protection from hectic
hexes rained from heaven
redirect with blessings
sketch hell for heretics
That's all they deserve
not concerned with learning 1st
Just return to hearste's full
bodies herded, no cure.

Hopelessly coasting
medically I'm chosen
Genes seathe creatively
history will know this
Medicants of marijuana
and cursed with mad verse
never blame suffering
on the world I'm sure
Inner combat
between the present and past
Atrophy of self helps
redeem through relapse
measure time by the pulse
treasure rhyme, every thought
vivid visual rituals
when I reach the top
Graciously voracious
all appetite, no patience
crave devestation
no hesitation, I'm blatant
Escape is the only route
my hate has found
If I don't wake the crowd
I'll taste the ground
I'm looking ahead
instead of a life of dread
Won't sleep till I'm dead
never rest in a bed
Too much to do, time to strive
'07 will be live
It's time to get mine
as long as I survive


@Copyright March 2007 Prescott Johanson

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