Dave Matthews Band-Live At Red Rocks 8.15.95

This is a classic, one of the greatest live albums ever recorded. I've seen DMB 3 times live in concert and loved every minute of it, but for those that haven't, go out and buy this album immedietly. Red Rocks is an outdoor ampitheater located in a Colorado National Park, with seats carved into the side of rock. The members of the band combine to form pure musical alchemy, complimenting and contrasting each other perfectly. Dave Mathews leads the way with his unique vocal style, and as possibly the greatest songwriter of my generation. Hearing Boyd Tinsley on the fiddle is like nothing you've ever heard before, almost sounding as if he sold his soul to the devil for such talent. Carter Beauford on drums, Leoi Moore on saxaphone and Stephen Lessard on Bass guitar round out the band, all top notch muscicians, and lend their talent to compose these wonderful masterpieces. All of the early hits are played at this concert, but with more raw power and emotion then you've ever heard before. The most impressive song is a remake of "All Along The Watchtower" made famous by Jimi Hendrix. The song sounds nothing like the Hendrix version, but bursts out of the speakers with a unique style that expodes into your soul. "Lie In Our Graves" and "Ryme & Reason" are my other favorites from the album, making your mind swirl with imagery and your body jump with emotion. There are no bad songs on this album, just put it in and let it play. If they are touring in your area, go see them, it's as simple as that. If not go grab this album and enjoy the composition, the storytelling, the emotion and the soul stirring power of one of the greatest concerts of all time.

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