Dave McGrath-self titled album

Some of the most moving music ever created was also some of the simplest. The early bluesmen, through to some of the greatest rock bands to grace a stage made songs the were easy to understand, yet moved the soul. That is what I was reminded of the first time I listened to Dave Mcgrath's self titled album. I can classify Dave McGrath as a soulful, talented song writer and an inspired guitar player. The music is rock-n-nroll with a country flavor mixed in. The guitar screams on some songs and is melodic on others. The consensus pick for the best song amongst fans in usually "No Reason" an excellent song, but my personal favorite has to be "Can't Wait". I love the music and the strength of the song, especially the hook sung by an unknown female singer. The album turns bluesy on such tracks as "55" and "Mississippi Mud", a simple but passionate song about the South. Other tracks I enjoyed are "Tempers", an earthy song that causes deep thought and the love song "One Chance". This album is very well produced and the time and energy really come through in the finished product. To purchase the album and for more info, go to www.davemcgrath.com, or be sure to check out a show if you are in the Rochester, NY area. I firmly believe you won't be dissapointed.

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