Echoing August "morningsometimesmaybe"

A group of talented young muscicians coming out of New Haven, CT form the group Echoing August. With Nick Martucci on vocals and guitar, Pat McCarthy on bass/lead guitar and vocals, and Shawn Sandi on drums Echoing August can best be described as "modern rock with an accoustic kick". Once I recieved the album, "morningsometimesmaybe", it stayed in my player for days. I thouroughly enjoyed the good songwriting and accoustic guitar forming a retro alt-rock sound that hints of the nineties alternative rock but isn't a slave to that sound. Namely, Echoing August is a genuine sound, doing music they want to do. It doesn't sound forced but organic, the hooks and vocals wrapping around the music forming an origional and beautiful composition. Some of this has to do with the production provided by Anthony Gallo at the Cutting Room in NYC, home to artists such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park. First and formost they have built their sound and fanbase by constant touring, doing nearly 50 shows a year in various cities and venues. My favorite song on the album, and an obvious single, is "Long To Meet You", a melodic song with the signature accoustic guitar in full affect. I couldn't get it out of my head for days. "Skin to Skin" and Waste My Time" speed things up a little and are both favorites on the album. You can check out some of their songs on this site under MP3's, and more songs as well as all the info you could want on their website When it comes to making it big, a lot of it is luck, but you have to have the talent to at least have the argument. These guys have the talent, so check out the site and buy their album, put your windows down on a warm sunny day(they all are in FL where I'm at) and enjoy yourself listening to morningsometimesmaybe.

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