Anna Nalick by Nina Greene

When I first heard the song "Breathe" on the radio, I was excited that Jewel put out a new album (similar to her initial days as a folk/soul singer). To my surprise, it wasn't Jewel but a young singer-songwriter, Anna Nalick. From the sound of her first single, "Breathe", I thought I'd give it a listen. Lyrically, the album is fairly decent considering Anna is only 20 years old. In her music, she reveals meticulous thoughts and observations, and in comparison to most people her age, Anna illustrates a much older, reflective soul. Her first single, however, is the most impressive, in my opinion. Anna's voice sounds very similar to her influences, Fiona Apple and Jewel in particular, and it seems as though she's trying to emulate them in some of her songs. The girl is definitely talented, though, and is a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the music out there today. Since this is her first album and she's still quite young, hopefully we'll see even more of Anna's natural abilities in her sophomore album.

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