Pearl Jam "The Accoustic Series" by Tyler Casey

MTV used to have a great show called "Unplugged" where bands would do accoustic renditions of their songs to a live audience. Many of these performances such as Nirvana, Alice In Chains and even Jay-Z were released as an album for mainstream consumption. The greatest unplugged performance was when Pearl Jam took the stage, but that performance was never released to the public. What resulted was a bootleg cd called "The Accoustic Series" that combines this performance with other accoustic songs performed in concert forming on of my favorite albums ever made. Those familiar with Pearl Jam know that their first cd "Ten" was an instant classic selling upwards of 10 million albums. These form the core of the songs done accoustically on this album. The classics are all there, as they give rocking performances of their hits "Alive" and "Even Flow". My two favorite songs on the album are the inspiring, emotional performances of "Black" and "Porch", both from the "Ten" album. For those who saw the performance "Porch" keeps rising to a creshendo as the screeching lead singer Eddie Vedder goes off on a rant about abortion while writing on his arm. It gave me chills. "State of Love and Trust" would have to come next as they stir the audience up with a spine tingling performance. They also play "Daughter, the hit off their second album, as well as as "Jeremy", "Deep" and "Footsteps". All the Pearl Jam classice are represented here as well as a cover of the Beatles song "I Got a Feeling". Pearl Jam came out of the Seattle grunge scene in the early 1990's as the "second" band to the world famous Nirvana. People tend to sell these guys short in their place in history, well don't. This is one of the most talented bands ever with Vedder being possibly the best singer of our generation. They are still making great albums to this day and selling out every show they play. This is Pearl Jam at it's best and history will judge the album and the band among the greatest. I'm not sure where you can find the album, but I'm sure the songs can be found online. Get them, enjoy them, keep Pearl Jam around in your rotation. On top of that petition the God's of rock to release this as an album to the public, we will eat it up and wear it out.

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