The Game's "The Documentary" by Chad Myers

The Game's "The Documentary is the best rap album to come out since 50 Cents "Get Rich Or Die Trying". Maybe it's the west coast groove with Dr. Dre's deft touch as executive producer, but in my mind this is a classic. Songs 2-6 are all popping, starting with "Westside story". The Kanye West produced "Dreams"and the Dre produced "Higher" follow next and are the 2 best songs on the album. The current radio favorites "Hate It Or Love It" and "How We Do" are also great with 50 providing the hook to The Game's deep flow. Despite their recent spat their voices compliment each other perfectly on this record. These are just the highlights, quite honestly the whole album is solid from start to finish. Eminem adds his voice and beats to "We Ain't" providing anouther hit. Timberlane, Just Blaze and Dr. Dre provide additional production and there are guest apperances by star hip hop and r&b artists Nate Dogg. Busta Rymes, Mary J. Blige, and Faith Evans. Add Dre's beats to 50's hooks to Game's gravely voice and you get an album that truly brings the west back into hip hop prominence. Only time will tell if it will rank up there with the all time best albums, but at the very least I would say it's the best album to come out in awhile. Be sure to check this one out.

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