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Crosby Stills Nash and Young Concert Lake Tahoe- July 25, 2006

By: Janet K. Brennan Aka jb stillwater

The night on the lake was still and hot. It was 98 degrees in the high sierra, however, I would venture a guess and say that no one felt the heat more than the band up on the stage at Harvey Amphitheater. As a huge, tattered and well-traveled, black peace flag was lowered behind the legendary band, the crowd went wild. Didn't I see that flag at Woodstock? "Hope you guys want to hear some music," Stills shouted "Because we brought a lot of it with out here with us tonight!"

Amongst tie dye, head-bands and the occasional waft of weed intermingled with the pungent scent of the lake and pine trees around the amphitheater, the familiar harmonies and faces of the guys overtook the crowd.

And so began the odyssey that can only describe a CSNY concert.

Looking a bit older, and none the less worn for wear, these guys never lost their timing, or their incredible love for guitar.

The first half of the concert were new songs they wrote. Not surprising, anti-war, anti-G.W. Bush. "Shut up and sing" someone hollered from the audience, reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks concert in Europe last year; however, no one in the audience could complain that they did not hear them sing! Like bears to a honey comb, not quite getting enough of a good thing, it was more, more and more! I particularly loved their "Almost Cut My Hair" and "Déjà vu" which they managed to squeeze into their anti-war party. Both songs were done in the old CSNY style, good, old rock.

Taking a very short break they came back to the second half of the concert, which was basically a sing-along with literally everyone participating., Our House" being amongst one of the most popular oldies, along with "Teach Your Children"

Hey, no one can ever say, old guys can't play guitar. Their solid rock and roll would rival any of the greatest of today.

Neil Young, in a rare appearance with his old buddies was mesmerizing in his all too familiar and unique voice. Anyone who lived the CSNY experience years ago would have been immediately transported to another place and time. ... certainly of course, a different war.

The finale, brought the crowd to tears as the band played a solid twenty minutes using their instruments to simulate a war zone filled with the cacophonous sounds of gunfire and bombs. I kept track. This magnificent group began playing at 7:30 in the evening and did not end until mid-night. Naturally, a standing ovation and encore followed.

As we made our way, albeit a bit stoned on the music, I heard a gentleman in a tie dyed t-shirt remark

"It was the best concert I have ever seen.worth every cent of it!"

I had to concur

(C)opywrite 2006 Janet K Bennan, aka JB Stillwater

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