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"Passage" Greg Gescha, Savonetta, Independent

My biggest complaint about Greg Gescha's self-titled album was the lack of tact in his production, or choice of producer, and that it overshadowed the fact that he's probably one of the best songwriters working out of our humble city. Listening to "Passage," two things become apparent: one, the songs just keep getting better, with some true gems like the near-perfect Marc Bolan-channeling opener "Sailflight" popping up, and two, I may have been wrong about the production thing. ...Read more
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New Orleans Jazz Festival by Manny Bas

We were most concerned with the possibility of thunderstorms. For months my wife and I had told as many friends as we could about the wonderful experience we had at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival ( a few years back. Now it was time to go back, and this time we were recruiting fun loving partiers to join us for this musical experience. .php">...Read more

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