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Morally Righteous or Immoral Indignation!?

By Ria Steele

As I sat on the deck a moment ago, the word hypocrisy seemed to come to mind. As I have many times, I pulled out my Thesaurus, to gain a better perspective; of what the "true" meaning of a hypocrite is. Words such as "liar, cheat, deceiver, con man and what I call saying one thing, yet doing another all are there. I tend to seek truth. I prefer honesty to lying or denial any day. I have always felt, no matter how badly the truth is, far better to know the facts, than be deceived. I wonder often times, we are born pure, yet genetic makeup does play a large role in whom we become, what we believe, and how we perceive life as we grow. What one person sees as "truth" and "justice", another may see as "deception" and "fallacy". Science tells us that "truth" is based on facts that can be proven by formulas, tests, and so forth. Without "evidence", then does that mean something is not factual? There are those that believe in "fairies", "ghosts", "UFO's", a "Sixth Sense", the "Bermuda Triangle" and so forth. Many of which there is no "physical, hard defined" evidence to prove such. Yet, those that believe in these things, see them as "fact". Our genetic makeup gives us some type of "pre-defined" pattern, yet as we move into society, our patterns are then many times molded by outside stimuli, such as television, peer pressure, friends, media, weather, money, and many other external happenings. What was so important to me 10 years ago; is not really important now, yet things that we not so important to me back then, tend to be critical now. I tend to lean towards shades of gray, on many subjects, where nothing is really black nor white. Yet, in some things I have a strong opinion; but tend to tread lightly with those, not wanting to offend or disrespect someone else. I am a liberal person, in many ways. I see people just as they are, trying not to judge actions of others. Creed, color, race, religion, background, money, jobs, etc. for me are not a factor in how I see someone else. Of course, I may not agree with their choices, for my own life, yet I feel we all do things for a purpose in our own lives. I was not put here to be judge and jury but to fulfill my own "prophecy" before I pass on to another realm of entity. I do not think someone has to be "well educated" to be intelligent. We have many people, past, present and future, whom are just "born" to be a genius. Of course, I agree with education, but we raise many "educated idiots", that go out into the world with "knowledge", but no common sense. I have not a problem with "same sex" marriages. Not that I "agree", with the whole gamut, but it is those people, who make those decisions, and it is up to them to decide.

Love is an emotion that we still to this day do not understand totally, and probably never will. Not while we are here on this planet, shall the totality of love be revealed. Neither do I agree with war, I prefer peace, yet there are times, being the human race, there are going to be times of war...it is prophecy being fulfilled. What irritates me is the US has always went to bat for every other country in the world, yet often times we do not take care of the famine, disease, abuse, poverty, and other moral problems of our own people. I am not one to give much of an opinion on politics, because honestly, I will not pretend to comprehend much of it, other than the billions of dollars poured out for stupid projects, etc. while the working people pay the price. And so onto something else that irritates me, and that is health care.

Our pharmaceutical companies, along with many doctors, and the government, all have their fingers in the pie. I am outraged at the prices of prescriptions, when I have to go to the pharmacy. Hell, I am even more outraged at the doctors that are so freaked out and frightened over getting sued for mal-practice they are afraid to prescribe what someone truly needs. I know just like everything else, their are "quacks" and physicians that are not doing the right thing, yet us as the public get "punished" for either those that sue just to gain a profit, or doctors who are abusing their licenses. It is kind of like back in school when one child did something in a classroom, the whole class got punished. I just think that is bullshit. Some may see me as a hypocrite.

For, I am kind, compassionate, caring, loving and giving. The depths of what I believe I try and show everyday. Yet, other see my tattoos, body piercings, erotic writing, the way I dress, my pictures, and probably wonder who I truly am. Yet, I have never pretended to be anything, but who I am, in any given moment. We all because of circumstances, may not reveal, "pieces" of ourselves, due to where we are, who we are around, etc. But, anyone that is around me for any short length of time; "sees" and "feels" into who I am. Even in my erotic nature, I reveal that, but I also "hold back" depending on whether it is appropriate or not. Yet, all in all, if you met me on the street, within moments, even that piece of me, comes out, actually without me saying a word. As usual, when I sit to write, it seems I scatter in numerous directions, yet all arrive in the crossroads of my own soul.

copyright 2006, Ria Steele

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