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United Nations

August 11, 2004

This article is to inform you about what the United Nations is really all about. I believe the UN fits a purpose, maybe not a large one, but one none the less. I think it will be used more in the future than in our current time and current state in this world. Eventually, once that time comes, the UN will have what I like to call 'real power'. Realistically, the UN has no power. It can not even disarm a single person, let alone a country. Their international laws are just a bunch of writing on newspapers really. Mainly I think this falls back on our country and the ones that are being manipulated by its system. I am going to start out by explaining what the UN's main 8 goals for this new millenium are, and you can verify these on their web site directly at www.un.org and go to the millenium goals link. First off we have the 8th item on their agenda as developing a global partnership for development. Or better known to us as free trade. Basically, this is just some of the smaller countries and communist countries trying to envoke what they want on the world and the UN has fallen for this. Now, in their defense I do believe that they are on to something here though, but I will get into that later on. As we continue to the number 7 item which would be to ensure environmental sustainability. They explain this as reduce the amount of people without safe drinking water in half and to improve the living conditions of about 100 million people that live in ghettos within the next 16 years. This again, I will get to shortly. Lets move on. Barely edging to the number 6 spot is the fight on AIDS. Oh, I can not wait to comment on this as well. Number 5 on the list is to imporove maternal health. Now folks, let me tell you that this is not one of the top 5 most important goals to improve this world during this millenium. I am not sure what the people at the UN are on, but it has to be messing up their thought process because this should not even be in the top 25 let alone for them to be focussing and wasting time on and yes I did say wasting. At number four we have their goal of reducing child deaths. Next we have their BEST idea to promote gender equality. That was sarcasim if you did not pick up on that. This has to be their stupidist idea yet and to be in the top 3, they need to stop visiting JaRule's house (by the way, charges were dropped, my bad). Seriously though, how about stopping war. Wait thats a bad idea, who wants to do that, lets make sure their are female presidents first so that everyone can say we are equal. Don't get me wrong this is important, it just is not a matter of life or death on this planet correct. At the hated number 2 spot, we have their goal of achieving primary universal education. Now this is more like it but I would have made it number 8 if not worse, because this should be a goal for this millenium but it is not killing people still. But the fact is that the better education around the world, the better the standard of livings will raise and that will help everyone. And for the UN's most important and primary goal of this century, to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Now they did not just say poverty and hunger but extreme poverty and hunger. Which I guess this means they still want people to starve but just slower instead???? Now that you know their 8 most important aspects that need to be corrected during this century let me shed some light on them. First of all, they do not even have any plans on these items that we can acess. I can not find a simple plan for any of these ideas they have. Like I said no real power. Any one of us, can come up with 8 things I would "LIKE" to change but I wouldn't be able to do squat about them right? So what makes the UN able to do this. NOTHING!!!! Plain and simple, what good are plans if you do not have a builder???? Secondly, I do not think that these 8 items are as important as they are trying to make them. This is ridiculous and a waste of time and it shows how weak and simple minded the UN has become. I think that it is about time that we just start from scratch and really accomplish something with that "power"!

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