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Rucksack Revolutionaries

August 6, 2001

Here we sit on the dawning of a New World, a new way of life.  What shall we do with it?  Shall we put ourselves in little boxes with toxic screens 6 inches from our sight, blocked off from our sisters & brothers so the people who run our lives are sure that we solve their problems right.  Huh!!  Or possibly we should wire our own minds straight into the headset that taps into the high rise, filling our minds with lies that kill what's kind & makes our soul rise.  What!?  Oh wait let us clone our brother to help kill our mother that's hanging on to her lifeline.  We were once her children but now we are the virus that pollutes her fluids & clouds her sight, we are the one's that make her die.  However, ah the great ball does not go out with out a fight.  Saving her is saving our kind cause the diseases that are spreading do not kill trees or soil.  We kill our mother & our mother in turn tries to save herself by trying to kill us. Where do we go from here?  Do we turn to the religion that turns from us, tells us we are not worthy unless we follow a dead creed.  Compassion is our only creed, something that is quite rare indeed.  Are we too far-gone that we can't heed, not if someone is prepared to lead.  Unfortunately, the ones' that lead are on their knees, praying languidly to the green.  What's this goofball talking about your probably wondering aloud?  I'm talking about a new revolution, a new evolution by going back two steps in order to move forward miles more.  Put on ye rucksacks; fill them up with books and love.  Grab your brothers & sisters by the hand and help to save our land.  Compassion is the building block to our new humanity.  It is no longer alright to sit in your cells while they strike the whip on your back.  We succeeded in liberating a race of slaves only to make us all slaves.  Come on I say seize each dawning light of day!!

Back not so long ago there was men who believed in revolution.  There were men & women who wanted something better.  Now those same people are sitting in dim lighted half closed in world ruining their eyes with numbers too small to read, with ears ringing from slave drivers who don't know when to heed.  I too sit in this world, the only world that was taught to me from the time that I was small, this same world taught to us all.  We used to love our brothers & sisters, now we cower from their very presence.  We used to fight "the man" head on, but now we've joined his ranks.  We traded our sacred hearts & our sacred ideas for some sacred cash & a swimming pool.  I too am guilty of this & don't know how to change, because it's all that I know.  We need to figure out how to have it all.  We need to figure out how we can rule this world, to change the government and change the economy but still keep our people strong.  We need to learn to free ourselves from the malignant leash held on to by our corporate-military behemoth. We need to learn how to break the lease when we signed our souls over to the government & the economy.  We need some new ideas.  Please, please my people, this world's people, create some new ideas.  Create a new ideology.  We can no longer let the Democrats & republicans rule our streets.  We must not be discrete; we must lead!

Once when we were all young we loved, we saw things as they really were.  We saw the infinite boundless world.  We saw the gaze of the lovely girl, with no lust in our hearts but still our minds swirled.  We saw love in the sports we played and the simple pleasures, everything to us was treasured, but now that is no more.  All life is suffering indeed, but it doesn't have to be.  We need to bring back that love for each other & for life that we shared when we were young.  Again, I challenge the new revolutionaries who believe that through constant learning comes living and constant yearning is life.  Find your special siblings and create, create a New World through love.  Art is life, create.  Love is life so love & never stop loving.  Love your mother & heal her scars.  It will only work if we're all on board, but it first must start with a few.  I know it's in you.  I know there are still poets out there, and artists and musicians.  I know there are great boddhisatva out there that have the answers that we crave.  I yearn for people to join this cause, this great undertaking to be bigger than your computer or your job.  To be bigger than the corporate sponsorship while America gets robbed.  So grab your rucksacks & set out and learn from your world.  Climb the mountain to the top, take in her beauty and grow with her.

Put your feet to the pavement & question everything.  Learn from the people who inhibit every city.  Learn the answer to the eternal questions that haunt or nation.  We need leaders for this new revolution; we need powerful souls who can come up with the path through which we can combine our government with our art with our society.  Therefore, we can have leadership that truly is for the betterment of the people.  With the debate and the loathing because of the presidential election, there is no better time than now.  I challenge you to clean up the blood that has been spilled in the streets for years.  I challenge you to put away your guns & deadly drugs & dry your people's tears.  I challenge you to work hard & create for the best time for change is soon. I challenge you blessed woman & men of this great nation, I challenge you to dance to a different tune.

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