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DVD Review-"Graffiti Verite' 6-The Odyssey: Poets, Passion & Poetry"

by Chad Myers
Jan. 2007

"Poetry is about kicking your fucking ass," and so begins the 72 minute documentary directed by Bob Bryan in which 31 poets muse about what poetry means to them and to the greater world around them. Some of the poets featured in this video are young, some old, some rich and some poor, with different creeds, beliefs and nationalities, but they are all poets. They read from their own books as we watch on, with images intermitting treating our senses as the words dance from their souls. The video takes the viewer on a trip through the poets psyche, revealing what makes them tick through such subjects as whether to be genuine or not, self discovery, apprehension, fearlessness (or not), inspiration, the dream scape, the muse (or lack thereof), and the interpretation of poetry. This information is exciting, educational and entertaining because it comes straight from the poet, no filter, in their words and actions, their expressions and their writings.

Quite simply, as a writer myself, my eyes didn't leave the screen until the video ended. It was like nothing I had ever seen or had the pleasure of hearing such sound principles. It's hard to understand poetry from books or a classroom, but from the poets minds and voices themselves it all makes perfect sense. That is why this is such a great reference tool, because the poets are passionate, and the art is real, and today, not from some textbook. I think teachers will get a lot out of using this video to inspire their students, and to break through the walls that inhibit young people from putting pen to paper. To help students learn their poetic voice, because the main point I took from the video is that poetry is raw, it cannot be controlled or forced, and so the first and most important thing when teaching poetry is simply to get the students to put the pen to the paper and let what may come, come.

You don't have to be a student, or teacher to find value in this great production though, quite the contrary. It is well put together, entertaining, with great cover art, and a good reference guide for those of us who write, those who want to write, and simply those who may want to understand what poetry and poets are all about. To me there is poetry in a lot of society these days, specifically music, which is something that we all enjoy. I highly recommend this video for anyone who has written a poem, would like to in the future, or who just wants to entertain themselves learning about the expression of the poet, which can transcend all form and meaning. I will watch it again and again because as a person rather then a poet, I am constantly learning about expression, and that is what this video is all about.

To purchase the video click on the link below, or the banner add on the home page of this site and enjoy

Graffiti Verite' Website

copyright 2007, Chad Myers

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