Artist: Duane Locke
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Website: N/A

Biographical Note:

Lives in rural Lakeland, Florida, Duane Locke, Ph. D. (Metaphysical Poetry) has had (as of May 07) 5,877 poems published in print and e zines. 17 print and e books published.

Also, a painter, exhibited widely--a discussion of his work appears in Gary Monroe’s Extraordinary Interpretations (U of Fla press). Recent exhibition, “Outsider Art” at Polk Museum.

A photographer, 289 photos published on internet. Does close-ups of tossed away trash, Mystic vegetation, visual music and nature (primarily small insects).

For more information, interviews, awards, etc. click on Google, has quasi half-million entries. Is listed in Who’s Who in America (Marquis.) 6357

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