encompasses the spirit of the counterculture, the artist, the bohemian, and the revolutionary all rolled into one. The inspiration for the site comes from places like San Francisco, New Orleans, Venice Beach, and Austin, Texas; From people like Jim Morrison, Jack Kerouac, Tupac Shakur, Hunter S. Thompson, and Che Chuervo. Basically, the spirit of the underground mixed with the vast possibilities of the internet.

The people of are committed to the principals of artistic expression and the free flow of ideas. Our main purpose is to provide a venue where independent artists of every genre and style can display their work for an international audience, as well as a forum for the common citizen to express his or her ideas and opinions. Our various sections offer a place for anything you could create. Whether you're an artist, a musician, a poet, a film maker, a writer, or simply someone who has a creative idea or opinion, Strangeroad has a place for you to express yourself freely. Your art is your own; Strangeroad has no rights to any of your works other than to post it on the site.

For the person who doesn't feel like they are artistically inclined, or just a little shy, Strangeroad offers a unique experience in entertainment and expression. The free flow of art and ideas is probably the most important purpose of our lives. It is important to give these independent artists as much support as possible because although they may not be the ones to change the world directly, perhaps they will inspire those that will. The following is a brief description of each section.

Submission Guidelines

Look, Strangeroad is an open forum artistic community so we try to go light on the guidelines. We want you to express yourself in your way. Strangeroad however, does not accept pornography, that should go without saying, and there are plenty of sites for that. We do understand that sex is a part of life and is therefore a part of art, so we will use our own judgement in determining what is acceptable or not. Racial or ethnic hate speech is also not tolerated. Other then that, it is completely up to our editors as to the quality of the work whether it will be used or not. This is a site for everyone, so don't let that scare you, but we also reserve the right to turn something down that just isn't quite there artisticly. This happens to all artists at one time or another so don't get discouraged, simply work to better your writing, music or art. Not everything is for the masses, we all have our works that are not up to snuff, it is a right of passage for young artists. Just send your works to us at, or via our contact page and join the revolution.


For bands and artists, this section provides a venue for you to post your music, bio info, pictures, upcoming shows, links and contact info to a national audience. For the fan and critic, the music section offers a place for album reviews, essays, and thoughts on particular genres, bands, time periods, venues, and anything else music related. For fans, this is where the real music is at, not the created pop star; this is real so tune in, listen up, and enjoy.


For aspiring poets this is the place to publish your work online for a national audience of your peers and for publishing houses to read and enjoy. For the fan, strangeroad has a large collection of poets representing different styles and age groups for your reading pleasure.

Short Stories

Strangeroad has a place for both fiction and nonfiction, stories by both novices and more experienced writers alike to show their work to the world. Short stories offer a lot of freedom; you can write about anything you want.


A free online gallery for artists. Simply send in up to 5 pictures of your work with your name and any other relevant information, such as biography and contact info, for fans who would like to contact you for purchases; we'll get you set up.


For the independent filmmaker, this is a good place to get started. The film section offers a venue for anything film and movie related such as screenplays, essays, movie reviews, and information on independent film festivals. In the future we will also be able to put short films and trailers for longer films onto the site.


This is the bohemian travel guide. Write an article about a special place you live, have visited or an adventure you've had and share it with the world.


The Issues section is a catch all for anything you want to rant about; an online editorial for the public. Write about anything you want, including politics, social issues, sports, etc. and send it on over. You can even post under an assumed name or no name at all; so all bets are off. Isn't freedom of speech grand.

Dr. D Speaks

A monthly editorial from our favorite professor, David Shevin, who teaches at Central State University in Ohio. Dr. Shevin grew up in the 60s at a time of turmoil and change in the U.S. He's seen it all, done it all and offers a unique and entertaining prospective on a variety of topics.

The Grey Area

You want strong opinions about the issues facing the world today, well you got them. Jonathan Downard is opinionated, arrogant, and abrasive, but he is also one of the smartest people you will meet and puts together articles with strong arguments and good old fashion common sense. He tells it how it is, and lays it out for everyone to digest and either agree with or form counter arguments. The articles are informative, entertaining and well worth the read time.

Notes from the Edge

A monthly editorial from our resident madman Prescott Johanson on issues ranging from football, travel, politics, alternative energy, and drug use (mostly his own).
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