The imagination imitates. It is the critical spirit that creates.

- Oscar Wilde
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> February 2009


Featured Poet:A.D. Winans

Other New Poetry By:
D.C. Porder, Paula Ray, Paul Handley, Connie Stadler, Dennis Mahagin, Missy Bickel, Levi Wagenmaker, David Mark Speer, Stephen Williams, Matthew Anish, Michael Estabrook,
New Stories

The Reason For Living by Joseph Grant

As he lay dying in the East Tremont Section of the Bronx, the bullet wounds he had sustained to the throat and abdomen throbbed with each new pulse and spilled vital blood from his heart to the freezing sidewalk beneath him. Miguel Sanchez gasped for help on the northeast corner of Garden Street. Getting help at 4:22 on a icy Saturday morning was futile, only Sanchez was too naïve to know any better. The streets were empty.

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Other New Stories
Cornbread and Milk by Toni Scales, Last Waltz by Kevin Michaels, Rip City by T.R. Healy, The Carousel by Toni Scales, A Strange Enough Ending by Joseph Grant, Dreamlike Mechanism by Matthew Anish,
Notes From The Edge

The Case For Free Markets…

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves for a moment shall we. Forget about which administrations you have supported over the last 100 years and ask yourself one question; “Are governments efficient with our money, in their management of our resources?” I firmly believe that the majority of Americans would answer that question with a resounding “NO”. Why then do most politicians, specifically Democrats, believe that they are the ones to solve all our problems as long as we allow them to spend more of our money? Nowhere is this more relevant then the current battle to pass an economic stimulus bill. ...Read more
Dr. D Speaks

A Pardon For Ferrell

As the days of the oh-so-endlessly-long Bush presidency dwindle, a lot of attention goes to the pardons that he grants on his way out the door. I can think of no one more worthy of a pardon than Dr. Robert Ferrell of Pittsburgh. To understand Ferrell’s case, it is necessary to look first at the more publicized case of Steve Kurtz, of Buffalo. It took four years of endless harassment, but Steve Kurtz is finally free of criminal charges. The most recent news on Kurtz’s case is that the Department of Justice has let deadlines lapse on appealing the last judicial rulings to drop all charges against him. This is only just. It would have been more just if Professor Kurtz had simply been left alone. ...Read more
Poetry Book Reviews

The Wind Twirls Everything by Francine Witte

Review By Charles Ries

Francine Witte’s book of flash fiction/prose poems gives us two wonderful things. The first is her nimble and effortless use of story, form, and technique. This collection of 25 short form vignettes shows us how quickly a skilled writer can create place, character, conflict, and move a story to a stratifying conclusion. Witte who is also a poet and a playwright applies these two forms into interesting, fast moving short stories. Her technique is effortless and invisible, but central to making these stories move forward.

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Deconstructing the Orthodox: C. P. Aboobacker in Conversation By Dr. Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal

C .P. Aboobacker began writing poetry from early childhood. A man of leftist leanings, Aboobacker has so far published twenty three books of which five are collections of poems, two are collections of essays and one a translation of Joop Bersee's poems. The crown of his poetic achievement is The Old Earth, a collection of his English poems, edited by Joneve Mc Cormick (Chief Editor of Soul To Soul) and published by Monsoon Editions in 2008. A member of the associations like Calicut University Syndicate and Progressive Writers’ And Artists’ Organization, Aboobacker was selected as the best poet of the week four times by Poetry Super His best poetry is, to borrow an expression from the great Victorian poet and critic Matthew Arnold, “the criticism of life”.

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